Tractor-Trailer Wreck

Tractor trailer accidents continue to increase in South Carolina since 2014. South Carolina’s economic success comes largely from manufacturing, overseas imports and transport of goods and supplies. This means sharing South Carolina interstates and highways with semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. Unfortunately, the demand for faster transportation of goods causes poor choices to be made which can result in a truck-and-car collision with devastating consequences. Typically, the car driver and passengers always fare worse than the tractor trailer.

Tractor Trailer Collision Wrongful Death Settlement

Tractor Trailer Operator Drives into Path of an Oncoming Motorcycle

$2.25 million

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Automobile drivers and passengers in a tractor trailer collision, typically sustain physical and emotional harm. After an accident, insurance claims representatives reach out with one primary objective: settle the case for the least amount. Once you accept their offer, the ability to hold them responsible for future medical problems caused by the collision, along with medical bills that come with it, is completely lost.

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